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Lightweight Griffon Electrofusion Machine

By April 12, 2018Electrofusion

Lightweight Griffon Electrofusion Machine (20 – 200mm range)

The Lightweight Griffon Electrofusion Machine is capable of fusing all brands of fittings up to 200mm. Using a high volume cooling fan provides reliability for continuous welding in all conditions. The Lightweight Griffon Electrofusion Machine Unit is fitted with a Fusamatic output lead for automatically reading smart fittings. A Barcode scanner, essential for welding all brands of fittings and the option to manually enter the weld time and voltage from 8v-48v. Fusion Qld also offers the Lightweight Griffon Electrofusion Machine for purchase and hire from both our Fusion Queensland and Fusion Melbourne locations. We can provide annual calibration and general repairs and maintenance of all Fusion Electrofusion Machines.

Friendly user interface with helpful on-screen prompts
Remaining joint record memory capacity
Time until next service
Input supply voltage
Time and date

Griffon Electrofusion Welder

Technical Specification
Input voltage [Vac] 230v
Input frequency [Hz] 40 – 60Hz
Input current [Max. A] 8A
Input power 3450VA
Output voltage [Vac RMS] 8 – 48v
Output current [Continuous. Aac RMS] 50A
Environmental protection IP55
Data recording capacity 2000 Records
Coupling size range 16 – 200mm
Mechanical information
Dimensions [HxWxL] 275 x 215 x 385mm
Weight [Kg] 7.0 & 9.0Kg
Case material ABS
Mains input cable length [m] 3m
Fusion output cable length [m] 3m

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