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PE100 Long Spigot Adaptors

By February 3, 2019PE Spigot Fittings

Our range of PE threaded female adaptors now include; 90mm x 3″ & 110mm x 4″

Fusion Qld’s range of PE100 female and male long spigot adaptors are suitable for both Butt Fusion and Electrofusion applications. They are rated to PN16 or SDR11.  

We offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of PE adaptors within Australia. Sizes are available from 20mm – 1/2″ up to the largest 110mm x 4″ in both male and female options.  

Our adaptors are suitable for poly tank fabrication along with general irrigation or plumbing applications.


PE Female Adaptors
PE Female Adaptors

Follow the following link learn more to see our full range of PE threaded adaptors.

Size Code Description
20mm x 1/2″ BWAF2012 20mm x ½” BSPT Adaptor Female
25mm x 3/4″ BWAF2534 25mm x ¾” BSPT Adaptor Female
32mm x 1″ BWAF321 32mm x 1″ BSPT Adaptor Female
40mm x 1¼” BWAF40114 40mm x 1¼” BSPT Adaptor Female
50mm x 1½” BWAF50112 50mm x 1½” BSPT Adaptor Female
63mm x 2″ BWAF632 63mm x 2″ BSPT Adaptor Female
75mm x 2½” BWAF75212 75mm x 2½” BSPT Adaptor Female
90mm x 3″ BWAF903 90mm x 3″ BSPT Adaptor Female
110mm x 4″ BWAF1104 110mm x 4″ BSPT Adaptor Female

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