PVC Cat 16 Full Face Flange Drilled

PVC Cat 16 Full Face Flange Drilled

PVC Cat 16 Full Face Drilled Flange 15mm- 150mm

Product Description

SizeCtn QtyCode
125mm 12TF125
150mm 6TF150

PVC Cat 16 Full Face Flange Drilled

Fusion Qld offers a complete range of PVC pipe and fittings including the PVC Cat 16 Full Face Flange Drilled. The PVC Cat 16 Full Face Flange Drilled is high pressure flange that is drilled to Table D, Table E and ANSI drill pattens, and varies in sizes from 15mm to 150mm.

Our extensive range of PVC pressure fittings are WaterMark and made to AS/NZS1477 standard guidelines. Pressure pipe and fittings have a maximum operating temperature of 60⁰C (140⁰F) and are white in colour.  Introduced into Australia in the early 1960’s, PVC is recognised as one of the top choices for water transportation. PVC pressure pipe and fittings are commonly used by customers in the pool building, plumbing and irrigation industries.

A pipe’s ‘PN’ or ‘Class’ rating refers to its wall thickness. It is categorized by the size of the pipe and also the thickness of the wall. The higher the PN rating, the thicker the wall. Thicker walls allow for applications that are higher in pressure. All PVC pipe has the same outer diameter, but it is the internal wall that varies in size. PVC systems are light in weight at half the weight of aluminium, and one-sixth the weight of steel. Due to its lightweight nature, PVC offers reduced transportation, handling and installation costs when compared to other applications. PVC pipe has smooth, seamless interior walls that require no special tools for cutting, which contributes to its ease of application.

Installation information

PVC pressure pipe and fittings can be installed using the solvent cementing joining technique and as a result are very easy to connect. Due to the ease of connection, PVC offers a lower installation cost. PVC is also known as UPVC or PVC-U and are manufactured from un-plasticised polyvinyl chloride polymer.

A comprehensive range of PVC pressure pipe and fittings varying in sizes from 15mm – 300mm is available from both our Fusion Queensland and Melbourne locations.   

Flange Bolting Procedure

1. Inspect flange faces and ensure that they are clean and undamaged.
2. Check that the correct backing ring and rubber gaskets have been supplied. Fusion Qld supplies a matched system of flanges and backing rings – do not interchange Metric and Imperial components.
3. Loosely assemble flanges. Make sure that flanges and bolt holes align and that the flange faces are parallel. Ensure that the gasket is correctly positioned between the flanges.
4. Size up that the appropriate washer is placed under both bolt heads and nuts.
5. Tighten the nuts and bolts in a diagonally opposite sequence to secure an even loading around the flange to avoid distortion. It is recommended that the nuts and bolts be tightened as uniformly as possible progressively from a finger tight start.
6. Repeat as necessary until tightness of all bolts is achieved.


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