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PVC Swing Check Valve

By November 19, 2018PVC Fittings

PVC Swing Check Valve

PVC Swing Check Valve’s are a common check valve that is used to allow flow in one direction. The valve has a swinging door like apparatus in the body of the valve which opens up to allow flow and closes to prevent backflow. PVC swing check valves are easy to install offering solvent weld sockets to suit uPVC AS/NZS1477 pressure pipes. They can be used in a variety of applications however they are commonally used for irrigation, pool building or home plumbing systems. These valves have a max open pressure of 150 PSI and a maximum temperature rating of 60° degrees Celsius. Fusion Qld stock a complete range of PVC Swing Check Valves available from 25mm to 100mm.

PVC Swing Check Valve

PVC Swing Check Valve – Fusion Qld

  • PVC for corrosion resistance, high strength, and less weight than fittings made from metal
  • Full flow design for insignificant flow loss at swing check
  • Slip connection for easy attachment
  • Maximum pressure rating 150 psi
  • Compatible with Series 1 uPVC manufactured to AS/NZS1477

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