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Our range of PE Sweep Bends are now available from 90mm – 630mm in both SDR11 & SDR17

A sweep bend is a large radius bend that does not abruptly turn the corner. A sweep bends has a much larger radius then a standard elbow, this allows for improved flow. Sweep or sometimes referred to as Seamless Bends are available from 90mm up to the largest 630mm.

They are available in both SDR11 and SDR17. Sweep Bends are commonly sold in 45° and 90° degrees however in today’s market you see angles such as 11°, 22½°, 30° and 60° commonly used. 

Our range of Polyethylene pipe and fittings are ISO9001 accredited, WaterMark and AS4129 approved. PE pressure pipes and fittings are most commonly used for the transportation of water and gas. Other applications of use include wastewater, slurry systems and grey water collection, to name a few.


Our team prepared a range of 355mm 22½°, 45° and 90° Sweep Bends ready to send to a customer in far North Queensland.

Follow the following link learn more to see our full range of Sweep Bends.

Shop Photo of our 45° Sweep Bend
Shop photo of our 90° Sweep Bend

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